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This paper aims to present and examine these stereotypes and judgmental thoughts about Iranian bisexuals and also the critical reactions that bisexuals and even a group of homosexuals have had to these stereotypes.

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near; nearby mu hwunde HL n 18 alongside; besides icho HL pron. there ila LL v abstain from certain practices imi LH pron. perhaps; or; either kenta HL v inject n kento HL n 3 injection; vaccination i kepe HH n 7 ship kepesi HHL n 9 cap kera HL v cut hair; shave n keri HH n 1 barber i kero HL n 7 pair of scissors keta HL v to play a counting game with stones i kete HL n 7 skirt ket Ha LL v pluck a fruit, branch, leaf etc; reap by breaking off the heads dzi keto HL n 10 counting game of stones i keyi HL n 7 yoke-pin dzi khaba HL n 10 curses, believed to be cast on a person by a displeased relation khaba LL v dress elegantly or smart; show off khabankaka LHHL n 9 type of plant which grows a big round root on the ground khabidza LLL v to sit properly not showing one’s underwear khabisa LLL v decorate; make beautiful; garnish n khabiso LLL n 4 decoration; embroideries n khabo LL n 3 smart clothes; fashion khaboti HHL n 9 cupboard n khacha LL n 3 valley; dale khaisa HHL v to out do someone in a competition; excel; surpass khaisana HHHL v to out do each other khama HL v choke a person or thing; throttle khandela HLH n 5 candle khani HH n 10 news; a court case; topic of discussion khapa LL v to smear a floor or wall with dung making different beautiful patterns khapita HHL v to choke, when drinking or eating sometthing li khapo LL n 11 patterns made on the floor or the wall with cow dung khari LL n 5 slice of water melon with or without the edible part khata HH v amuse; cause to laugh khaula HHL v to stop doing an undesirable thing, often as a result of punishment or reprimand khawa LL n 9 dew khefi HL n 9 cafe kheipi HHL n 9 collar ma khekhe HH n 6 fat cakes; dornuts kheroti HHL n 9 carrot khetha LL v pay tax; select or choose n khethi LL n 1 taxpayer n khethisi LHL n 1 tax collector khiba HL n 9 apron; pinafore khiga HL v help to put a load on someone’s head khina LL v knee-halter a donkey or a horse khirisimusi HHHLL n 9 Christmas khiyi HL n 9 key khole LH n 9 rope held by someone leading cattle in a span khona LL v manage; accomplish something khona HH v take a turn at a corner khong’wana LHL n 9 young yearling ox khonsata HLH n 9 concert khoodza-ntanda HHLHL n 7a/2a woodpecker khubu HL n 9 swing khubula HHL v to swing, as in a swing khunou HHL adj.

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