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Blacklisting the website is beneficial for this kind of web censorship as the webmasters would be unaware that their websites are being blocked.

If these sites could be identified as being located in Thailand, legal action could be taken against their operators. Several technologies are employed to censor the Internet such as caching, blacklisting domain name or IP address, or simply redirection to a government homepage.

The Minister said the system could also be used to block other websites considered inappropriate, such as those of terrorist groups or selling pornography, but the ministry will focus first on websites with content deemed insulting to the Thai monarchy.

A state of emergency was imposed on 7 April and lifted on 22 December 2010, but the Internal Security Act (ISA), which provides Thailand’s leaders with broad powers unrestricted by judicial procedure, remains in place.

Sitthichai Pokaiudom, "The Official Censor of the Military Coup", as minister to head MICT.

In October 2006, MICT blocked 2,475 websites by "request"; by 11 January 2007, this number had risen to 13,435 websites, a jump of more than 500%.

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This brought the total number of websites blocked to more than 45,000.

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