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In this case you update the maps on your sat-nav using Garmin Express which you download from Garmin's website and install on your PC or Mac.Once downloaded and installed, the update process is relatively straightforward.Often (but not always), at three years the battery in the sat-navs start to deteriorate and as the lifetime map updates are not transferable to a new device, sometimes it can be more cost effective to replace the sat-nav with a new device rather than update it.

If you have lost your USB cable you can get a replacement. Within Garmin Express, selecting 'Install All' under the 'Updates' tab is the safest option.

This tutorial describes the process of exporting any of Topo Fusion's maps to Garmin GPS units (currently Oregon, Dakota and Colorado support this feature). The Export View function will export maps for the area currently visible in Topo Fusion's map view. Pan and zoom the map view to show the area you wish to export.

The feature is found in the "Export View" dialog in Topo Fusion. Select the checkbox for "Export KMZ to Garmin GPS." The options below it are now enabled.

If you really like the maps and encourage me to make them better, donations will be appreciated!

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