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Time, less sudden than the midsummer freshet, but more sweeping, has cleared the ground of almost every vestige of the busy but fragile life of fifteen years ago.

But the eternal sense of the Infinite survives "our little lives" and all their fitful pulsations of varying passion.

Like the trenches of an old battle-field, these works of the digging armies of the past are now grass-grown and spotted with wild flowers.

All around, the open lands of fifteen years ago are turned into streets and fields and gardens.

The publisher also acknowledges the courtesy of Mr.

Ferres, the Government printer, in supplying original documents, and of Mr.

Those unfinished walls are in a paddock overlooking a little carse of some four or five acres by the creek side, owned by an Italian farmer, and close to the junction of the Woolshed Creek with the main stream in the valley.

On the other side of the larger stream rise basaltic mounds, marked with the pits and banks of the earlier miners.

For a mile nearly every inch of frontage was fought for then, and a town of over four thousand inhabitants sprang up.

Margin call is issued once the total collateral in the margin account falls below the outstanding balance.

Margin call amount is equal to Outstanding Balance less Marginable Value.

He has borrowed some facts and figures, too, from Mr.

Harrie Wood's ably compiled notes, published in Mr.

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