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From the mid-1890s a growing number of local authorities established 'electric light stations' to supply electricity to the public.The favoured arrangement for generating in these stations was to employ small high-speed steam engines in multiple units.Paxman's "Peache Patent" was a high-speed, single-acting compound steam engine, first exhibited by the Company in 1895.It was specifically designed for electrical power generation and used almost exclusively for this purpose.She added: ‘He liked to take on board everyone else’s problems and try to help but was not one to open up himself.’She said she could not imagine him harming himself, saying he adored his family.

Paxman supplied an engine for the 1882 International Electric Light Exhibition at Crystal Palace where it was used for trials of dynamos.Alfred became Lord of the Manor of Layer Marney and died in November 1900, at the age of 82, at his home, Danmore, in Wimbledon, London.Courthope Peache junior was born on 5th February 1852 and graduated in Engineering from King's College, London.The Peache was built only by Paxman, which produced about 260 of these engines by the time the last one was made in 1913.James Paxman, the Company's founder, got involved in providing steam engines to drive generators for electric lighting in the early days of the technology.

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