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I’m devastated when I realise that I will have to cancel a planned tour of A Passionate Woman – I’d been so excited by the project. I am defined by my work, in a way, as so many of us are.

Oh, I could maybe do the odd appearance in a TV drama. For some reason the chemo has stopped working, so Justin gives me a different set of chemical goody bags.

The side effect is three days of flu-like symptoms.

I sat down with Michael and Professor Stebbing and announced: ‘The time has come to cease and desist.

Back out on Harley Street, lined with gorgeous rows of elegant houses and glossy front doors, we held each other and tried to stop the tears from flowing.

All around us people were hurrying to and fro and horns blared. Just the month before, I had received the news I had been waiting for.

I really am in a good place, all things considered, but yet, as I write this, I feel like screaming with the frustration of it all.

Very slowly, in the past couple of weeks, the effects of the chemo are getting to me more than they have before.

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She is in a loveless marriage, and the thought of life stretching before her without her beloved son produces some surprising reactions from her and everybody around her. I had an action-packed day when we auditioned five Polish actors to play opposite me.

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