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You may not have to wait that long to play, however, as a multiplayer beta is expected to launch at some point before then.

In other news, Bio Ware has confirmed there will be a day one patch and revealed the game's file size.

The sales of the Vita started strong at launch, but then stalled and greatly underperformed.

The Vita had a strong launch in Japan, selling over 300,000 units in its first week of availability, though figures shortly afterwards shrunk down 78% to under 73,000 sold in its second week, and then settled into about 12,000 sold per week in the following weeks.

It primarily competes with the Nintendo 3DS as part of the eighth generation of video game consoles.

The original model of the handheld includes a 5-inch (130 mm) OLED multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, two analog joysticks, front and shoulder push-button input, and supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and optional 3G.

The system continued to get high-profile games over the course of 2012, including Gravity Rush, Little Big Planet PS Vita, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Persona 4 Golden, Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, and Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified.

and a February 22, 2012 release date for America and Europe, although a limited edition was released a week earlier in North America on February 15, 2012, which included the 3G/Wi Fi model of the device, the game Little Deviants, a limited-edition carry case, and a 4 GB memory card.

Every entry in the Mass Effect series has been rated M for Mature in North America.

The rating for the latest game, Mass Effect 3, noted that there was "partial nudity." Mass Effect: Andromeda's ESRB rating has not been published yet, but Bio Ware GM Aaryn Flynn has now suggested that you can expect it to get an M rating, in part because the game is upping the ante in the nudity department.

Sony also released the Play Station TV, a short-lived, re-purposed version of the Vita that allowed for the play of PS Vita games on a television screen similar to a home video game console, though the PS TV variant was discontinued by the end of 2015.

The system's design was created to meld the experience of big budget, dedicated video game platforms with the then up-and-coming trend of mobile gaming through smart phones and tablets.

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Here is what he said on the subject (via Polygon): What appears to have been a preliminary rating for Andromeda spotted by Bio Ware Social Network showed an M rating and mentioned "partial nudity." However, Flynn's new tweet suggests that the rating's language will be amended.

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