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I have a built in negative reaction to people mining us for "research" without giving us something in return. Only when both are healed and "over it" can they meet as freinds and give it a second and sane chance if they want.

At least explain what you mean by "research," who you are doing it for, are you expecting to publish something, are you going to give back after your research is done? Often in a better place emotionally and otherwise we can look back unbiased at our own flaws in the relationship as well as our partners and conceive a sensible way to deal with em.

When someone cheats, it is hard to regain trust in them again. Too many unsettled issues and anger beneath the radar.not just to getting back together for a period of time to only break up.statue of limitations...after a certain period of time both have presumeably moved on..there has been a break due to infidelity- as we all know, its really pointless..only reason I can think of right now where a reconciliation can happen is if the break up was due to logistical reasons.., one person has to move out of state, country or whatever...anytime another person has been brought into the relationship or immediate post relationship, i think its a waste of time to try and reconcile... Sometimes, it's best to just let the relationship die its natural death and try to forge a better one with someone else.As everyone else has pretty much said it all depends on the reason for the break-up. Igorfrankensteen, To answer your query, I am doing it for me. No, not you personally, but I am volunteering at my church. Luke Thank you, To all who have replied on this thread.One should never take one, nor attempt to send someone they purport to love on one. It is sad for them because there is sure to be much more pain coming.Reconciliation is possible depending on the nature of the breakup. If the one who was hurt has a strong ego and sense of self protection thenthey will stay away from the abuser for good.

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