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She wrote about it because she was very proud and happy with it.' In an article for the Mail in 2000, Julie Myerson wrote about how her own parents split up when she was 12 and she dreaded the weekend visits to her father, who she described as both 'weird' and 'revolting', cruel and unkind.When he committed suicide on New Year's Day 1991, coincidentally on the day Julie gave birth to her daughter Chloe, she told the Mail's readers she didn't shed a tear because there was no love.He is the eldest child of acclaimed author Julie Myerson and her partner Jonathan - the couple have never married - an Oxford-educated screenwriter, journalist and magistrate. Give me about a year.' This last remark is delivered with a biting sarcasm.But home these days for Jake is a grotty shared flat in Camberwell, South London, where he struggles to pay the rent, let alone feed himself. Last Sunday, Jake was outed as a drug addict by his own mother, who lays bare the 'traumatic' experience of losing her beloved first-born to cannabis in her forthcoming book, aptly titled The Lost Child.Even Jake admits to being completely floored by how events turned out when he was a teenager, but disputes his mother's version that this family crisis came 'almost out of nowhere'. 'My mum was the most perfect, generous, loving person, the type who would buy us presents on her birthday. We had the big house in Clapham and a Suffolk seaside home.My mother wanted to create the perfect childhood for us that she never had.I still suspect that a lot of parents who haven't had the experience of drugs will find it hard to read that part and to sympathise with us.

I really didn't want to have anything more to do with her, but not in an angry way.

My parents didn't separate, but perhaps it might have been better if they had, because everything which has happened now is, in my eyes, a by-product of trying to keep things together.

'When you need to pretend things are still idyllic it becomes a form of self-denial, and when the facts don't fit, you try to make them fit, and I ended up on the outside. Up until then everything had been beautiful and suddenly I became aware of tensions that hadn't been there before.

When he's desperate for money he takes to the streets and busks with his guitar. 'I'm down to my last penny,' says Jake, 20, who is studying at a music college in London. In an interview, Julie, 48, revealed for the first time how she and Jonathan were forced to kick a 17-year-old Jake out of their former Clapham home and change the locks, after he became violent and abusive and they feared his influence over their two younger children Chloe, now aged 18, and Raphael, 16.

Speaking of 'the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to us', the Man Booker Prize-nominated author - pin-up girl for the chattering classes, who appears on Newsnight's arts round-up, but is described by Jake as a 'pseudo New Labour socialist' - said she felt compelled to weave the story of her own 'lost child' into her new nonfiction book.

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