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But what if the love of your life isn’t on Tinder or Facebook, but opposite you on the Circle line?

About 1.3billion people use the Tube every year – more than half a billion potential love interests.

He’s super friendly, but I still don’t ask or get asked for a number.

Leicester Square to Embankment – Northern Line The other passengers are women. Embankment to High Street Kensignton – Circle Line A cute ginger guy reading Tolstoy gets on.

Day 3 I catch the Tube with one of our photographers and he eggs me on to chat up men for the pics.

It’s a lot easier when I’m showing off for someone – I may have said ‘I can get you all the men you want’.

’ Online, apparently, then we laugh about how other rude items could have come up when Googling cuffs.

I then have a brainwave and ask if his work mind him wearing stuff like that, and it turns out he’s starring in the Beach Boys musical.

We end up having a 10 minute conversation about wifi and Dorset, where he works as a surveyor.The first rule of the London Underground is: You do not talk aboard the London Underground.The second rule of the London Underground is: You do not talk aboard the London Underground.When I get my train there’s no potentials although, each time the Tube doors open, it’s nerve-wracking and a bit like when the screen goes back on Blind Date. Paddington to Notting Hill Gate – Circle Line At Notting Hill Gate there’s a guy so cute I consider falling down the stairs to get his attention. I ask what he thinks of the paper and we chat, then he blocks me by taking out his phone.When I say bye he replies ‘take care of yourself, yeah?

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