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Additionally, testing for anti-Ebola virus immunoglobulin G, indicating an immune response to Ebola virus, was added to the testing protocol for PCR-negative suspected cases in persons with some symptoms who were epidemiologically linked to subsequent confirmed cases.When a contact became ill with a suspected case, the contact tracing team gathered data on persons exposed to that contact from the date of symptom onset in the event the suspected case should become laboratory confirmed.Eleven patients with laboratory-confirmed Ebola had been discharged, an additional patient was diagnosed at convalescent stage, and eight patients had died (seven with confirmed Ebola; one probable).The isolation wards were empty, and 891 (all but three) contacts had exited follow-up, with the remainder due to exit on October 2.Public Health Response The threat to Nigeria posed by the arrival in Lagos of a patient acutely ill with Ebola was potentially enormous.Lagos is Africa's largest city and is also a transit hub for the region with air, land, and sea ports of entry (1).

This index patient potentially exposed 72 persons at the airport and the hospital.The three-generation spread of Ebola (all 19 confirmed and probable cases) to date can be traced to the index case through contact networks (Figure 1).Twelve of the 20 patients were exposed in two health facilities in Lagos.The Federal Ministry of Health, with guidance from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), declared an Ebola emergency. 21 million) is a regional hub for economic, industrial, and travel activities (1) and a setting where communicable diseases can be easily spread and transmission sustained.Therefore, implementing a rapid response using all available public health assets was the highest priority.

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