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Then I was cumming again; I cried out this time, again clawing at his back, my legs tight around his thighs.

It was late August and he was supposed to be working when I heard a knock on the door.

Jeremy was a friend of my husband’s and drove a water truck for a logging company, sometimes working 70-80 hours a week keeping the dirt road wet.

He is a tall black guy, so he and my husband look a little funny together (especially considering my husband’s only 5’8″ and Jeremy is well over 6 foot tall).

I opened it and he was standing there, looking at me with hunger in his eyes.

He told me that his water truck was in the shop–a fuel line broke– and it would be hours before it was fixed.

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I was sucking his tongue as though it were a cock and we struggled to my bedroom, ripping our clothes off in our haste to satisfy our need.

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