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A few general guidelines: Just hookups – Only contact her when you have something of importance to say or are planning to see her.Plan on seeing her no more than once a week and usually only at night/the following morning. But you need to be damn clear that things ARE NOT exclusive and they ARE NOT moving towards exclusivity.If you’re hiding something it means that you think it deserves to be hidden. News flash: one conversation 2 months in about the status of your relationship does not represent a binding contract. You’re probably going to have to work on your own jealousy, which is a whole ‘nother ball game.She’s taking her cues from you and you need to communicate with your whole essence that seeing other people is totally cool. For most girls, you’ll need to keep your antennae up and allow the “What are we? The long and short of it is this: Jealousy is just selfishness and low self-image.

If you do see multiple warning signs your partner is seeing someone else, do you break up with them, or do you try to win them over in a desperate attempt to prove that you’re their one true love? Do you constantly bother your friends by asking, “Is my girlfriend seeing other people?

Tell her you like that things are casual between the two of you and that you are happy there is no boyfriend/girlfriend expectation. A lot of girls think that after a period of time in an open relationship, you’ll come around. A girl can be crazy about you, but if her friends make her feel like shit for seeing you, you’re done.

This can become friends with benefits or casual dating depending on when you see each other and what you do (dates, etc) but the management principle is the same: see each other no more than once a week to keep things where they are. Tell her frequently that you want to remain single. That like “all guys,” you just want to have your cake and eat it too. Openness is a priority and a value in your life and it is not changing, even if you are swept off your feet. If you get into a long-term relationship where you are “open boyfriend/girlfriend,” make it a point to show her friends what she means to you.

They have been conditioned to think poorly of them. They are about growing and stretching and pushing past content for extraordinary.

But they like you enough that they aren’t willing to not see you at all. As time wears on, feelings of jealousy and insecurity will start to rival her attraction for you. People are 100x more likely to avoid pain than pursue joy, so this can be a game breaker. If you want to go the long haul with a girl in an open relationship (1 year ) you need to get your values in sync. But by only pursuing open relationships, you’re going to lose wonderful girls. That means some uncomfortable and some unhappy along the way.

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It is not wrong to want to date and love multiple people at the same time, nor is it wrong to stay in a monogamous relationship. Step one for a successful open relationship is to get that through your head and into your heart. My general philosophy: I do this because I know the world is full of amazing women.

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