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Our website offers free chat rooms for people over 60.We want you to enjoy every single moment of your life and never stay alone.So far the line isn't long -- I had only one person in front of me.There's another attempt to rate limit creeps by Twine after you find "twines" (connections with others).Someone may hurt us, but we should not break into pieces because of this, there is always a way out of any situation and we are the ones who can help you fight loneliness or broken heart.

Functionality Twine tries to keep the male to female ratio even, so it's possible if you are a guy you'll have to wait to get to use it.

units people from all walks of life, who went through different roads and gained their life experience.

Hundreds of users of our online services find their soulmates with our help. Being 60 and more means that you have seen quite a lot in your life and know how a thing or two run in this world.

Just look at the number of success stories we publish every day, your story may also be here one day.

Do not waste a chance of meeting great people at, our free chat room online is available 24/7 for those who are in their 20s or who are over 60.

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