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” Nadia Joy, London, UK Email: The Rules gives you the confidence to be all that you can be without sacrificing your femininity..learning from your strengths AND weaknesses and using both to your advantage. Psychology, beauty expert, millennial Rules coach “Beauty and style expert…I live and breathe hair extensions, make-up, nails, clothes, fitness and diet!Yes, my focus is on getting you quality dates, finding Mr Right and getting the Ring, but it’s more than that, it’s about learning the life skills needed for a positive, whole, happy life and relationship! Specialities: dating high-profile men, millennials, practicing TR with no pre-marital sex (any belief system OK), online dating.D., Dating & Relationship Therapist/Life Coach, Clinical Sexologist Columbia University – Adjunct Assistant Professor of Counseling & Clinical Psychology Blissfully married, mother.Available 7 days for videochat, in person, telephone, email (917) 574-0825, “If you’ve been dating haphazardly or unsuccessfully, I can help you gain the self-confidence so important to finding your soul mate, for true and lasting love. Certified rules dating, relationship, and marriage coach. “Tired of endless dating and go-nowhere relationships?

Maya E., Miami Beach, FL Mother, divorced, dating available daytime, nighttime, weekends (support groups) [email protected] Rules have helped me get my life back, not just in the romance department, but all around, by reminding me that I’m a CUAO and by providing guidelines for living in a happy, easy-going state of mind. Having studied The Rules for over 10 years and having been personally trained and coached by Ellen and Sherrie, I can show you how to learn from your mistakes, have an amazing relationship, and date with success! ”Married, Rules dating and relationship coach, author of two best-selling books, ‘How to Date – Single Girls’ Dating Manual’ and ‘Why Men Ask Dumb Dating Questions,’ both available via Amazon. Regularly featured in the press, radio and TV including Glamour, Red magazine, The Daily Mail to name a few. Email:“My passion is helping women transform their dating experience and marry the man of their dreams.Contact: (please text me the first time and indicate” The Rules Book”); face-2-face meetings by appointment. I was recently divorced and dating and planning to call a man I met… She suggested I tear up the card and buy The Rules.My life was transformed from one of subservience to one of empowerment the next day! ” , “If you can read only one book, this is the book!They are all over the world and they are ready to help you!

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