Dating someone with less intelligence

You don’t get a chance, which usually leads the first two being the criteria of judgement. They used to get social status from the men they married — and, it seems like this mindset has continued (and, even penetrated into the lesbian community.) Additionally, women continue to earn less than men, and often need help with the logistical aspects of life.Often when dating men, I feel like a horse being analyzed as breeding stock. Many women are willing to sacrifice their sexual desires in favor of material support.While you might not be able to change the kind of fat your body tends to accumulate, having less of it is always better.Eat: The Best Foods with Healthy Fats It may sound too good to be true for those of us who are curvier around the rear, but having thicker thighs (in both men and women) could actually mean that you have a lower risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, according to a study published in the .The wider the hips, researchers found, the more likely participants were to engage in single-evening encounters and have more sexual partners.Wide hips don’t necessarily women to be more promiscuous, according to the study, but the larger the hips, the easier the childbirth—making women less frightened about sex leading to complications.According to the research, scientists believe that this fat absorbs and siphons away harmful fatty acids (while tummy fat tends to store them).

Chest When someone refers to a woman as “well endowed,” do you assume they’re talking about the size of her bust or of her brain?

And, yes, you can be too thin: Excessively trim thighs were linked to higher risks due to lower leg-muscle mass. The dentists involved in the study found that the majority of redheads required more anesthesia for oral surgical procedures—no doubt leading to redheads being more afraid of the dentist. A recent study published in proves no link between hair color and intelligence.

Golden strands, researchers found, are simply the result of one tiny gene mutation in the skin, a change that doesn’t alter any of the other tens of thousands of genes, not even those responsible for eye color., researchers examined the features of people who had died from heart disease or heart attack and found that a majority of the subjects also displayed the diagonal earlobe crease, 72% of the men and 67% of the women.

If the hair on your outer eyebrows is sparse, it may be time to stop plucking and get your thyroid checked.

Called Hertoghe’s or Queen Anne’s Sign, thinning eyebrow hair, specifically at the outer third, is linked to Hashimoto’s Disease, or hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid.

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