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This can be caused by an invalid server name or credentials, or by insufficient permission. Could you call your own provider from Membership class other than using WSAT? The forum you gave did not solve the issuethat I'm currently having. On my visual web developer, I only specified a database connection. Moist Hi, moisescujardo As we already know, Membership Provider is an abstract class, so we need to override all the abstract methods in the Custom Membership Provider class.

Membership Sites Blueprint Review - The TRUTH Exposed!

My 5 points anyways for a good explained article Very good article. In the Custom Membership Provider implementation, in the case where the database does not contain the user yet, you have the following code piece: Currently the passwords will never match, as the password is created via SHA1 and compared to it's MD5 hash.

You probably intended to use the same hash algorithm on both places.

Implementing the class derived from the Membership Provider it isn't all what have to be done.

There is no way to intercept the moment that Membership Provider is instantiated.

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