Consolidating emails to one gmail account

That enable us to get all emails into our primary account, but we still half way away from the perfection.And that is how to send email using another address from your Gmail account.There is no limitation regarding email addresses out of the Gmail, means you can add any email addresses from any webmail system.

Click again on gear icon on the right side and select ““ 4- In the next step, you will be asked to confirm the ownership of your email address you just entered, by getting a verification code into your Gmail address.

– Enter the password that you specified when you set up your email account.

Confirm that your correct POP server information and port number of 995 is specified. The next page prompts you to specify whether you would like to send messages from your newly added account. So this above explained series of steps is the complete process of setting up Gmail’s Mail Fetcher feature. I explained 2 different methods how to combine all email accounts into a single one.

These three steps could be a useful thing to do with your Email accounts.

And also for most of those accounts to be with online services.

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