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It's just used for sending bill statement by the seller's payment processor as a tool. The only thing that we had in common with our accounts was that we both purchased shoes from an online store called ‘’. Has anyone else purchased anything from this website?

the date off the order number 489 is 25 november 2017 And i have been charge 181.00$ canadian for 2 *BOSS *Souding Link Mini Bluetooth speaker II And i receive a pair off 5.00$ sunglass .

I've been doing a lot of xmas shopping lately and it could be a purchase that I've forgotten about .... Changed PW at Amazon and searched phone for malware. The number for Amazon customer service is 1 (888) 280-4331.I ordered a Coat from this company from the internet and it has so far not arrived. There is no other description to indicate what this charge of .99 for the last year or so I do order and you charge me 1 on dec 4 and I dint received any email confirmation on my email and I do not know how to contact you , my mailing address 8103 Gayeway dr Louisville ky 40219 phone 5 I ordered a Kitchen Aid mixer off this site pes*loveashionmarket and have received nothing in return .They have not responded to any emails and when I click on the link they sent for my invoice or the website I get an error saying 'can not find' this site. I purchased converses for my partner the total was when It confirmed to be paid i checked my account and it had taken out 0 from Fht*terrykon co china some unknown charge it didn't even email me back that the payment was successful or let me know the shipment estimates im starting to think this is a fu#%*ng scam!!!!!! Un montant de 130.79 a été prélever sur ma carte de crédit pour une machine à coudre singer de PES*MADADEAL FUZHOU CN . They took 1.58 from my credit card I am contacting the fraud people at Visa .I NOW AWAIT THE PACKAGE WITH CROSSED FINGERS EVEN THOUGH I AM QUITE SURE THAT IT MAY NOT COME ATALL.NONE OF MY ONE DOZEN MAILS HAS AS YET GOT ANY RESPONSE FROM THE SELLER. 8th that doesn't appear on my Amazon Digital orders.

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WHAT A RIP OFF PES*SANTANDERSHOP GUANGZHOUSHINothing but the wrong item in the box which was stuffed in a plastiv bag with no shipping# or info, no order#, no return instructions or label - only a double sided card written in Chinese I want to know what this charge on November 12th is for as well as similar charge on December 12th. My bank says that the charge is from the Manufacturers Bank of China but no contact information was available.

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