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To determine the item whose subitem is being clicked, you can use the Get Item At method.When performing validation of the items after the user has edited them, you may want to display a specific item to the user to change.MSDN links: How to: Extend the Functionality of a Dataset How to: Extend the Functionality of a Table Adapter Validating Data in Datasets Walkthrough: Adding Validation to a Dataset Walkthrough: Handling Errors that Occur During Data Entry in the Windows Forms Data Grid View Control The following tutorials are for ASP. Creating a Data Access Layer Creating a Business Logic Layer These concentrate on extending the Table Adapters.The second link creates an entirely new BLL (Business Logic Layer) to sit between the Presentation and Data Access Layers.Optionally, invalidates the child controls assigned to the control.(Inherited from Control.) This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

The example also creates Column Header objects to display the subitems in details view.

Additionally, the user can activate selected items to perform a task.

For example, you could use a control to display a list of files that the application can then open and utilize.

In some cases, you might want to include code that determines whether these features are available, and provide alternate functionality when they are unavailable.

These features are provided by the same library that provides the operating system themes feature.

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The Ensure Visible method can be called to ensure that the specific item is in the visible area of the control.

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