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AJ was easy to talk to and he shared of himself freely — I learned that he recently lost both parents and with his brother took over the family business.He also revealed that he was quite severely visually impaired — living in the city was easier for him as it required no driving. He was also quite the prolific texter, sharing photographs that featured shopping bags from Barney’s, Bendel’s and Bergdorf’s. When it was time to think about heading over for dinner he stood up as I got up and followed me out.As I took a few steps I was amazed at how comfortable the shoes were despite their height. I took a few more steps; I was much less wobbly the second time around.“The shoes look a bit too big,” he observed. I thought they felt fine and my foot didn’t slip when I took my steps.“They’re too big,” he told me as he slipped a couple of fingers in between my heel and the back of the shoe.“No they’re not. A perfect fit.”“I think we’ll need to exchange them for a smaller size.” The next thing I knew this silver-haired Prince Charming was pulling the shoes right off of my feet! I grew fidgety as I sat and listened to him chat, not really paying attention to what he was saying, desperately wishing for the night to be over already, I uncrossed and recrossed my legs. I wondered how on earth would a blind person see something so small? We got a table outside, but in retrospect inside might have been better. I wondered if that was the reason he had initially asked me to email and not call him.

Reports said that Robert Stigile, who was visiting Orlando from California, was at a restaurant with a group that included other blind people, when he ordered a van from Uber.

Sometimes you date because your friends really think your life would be so much better if you were paired off, and can’t fathom the fact that you might actually prefer to spend some time alone. A few minutes later I too was on my way home, but not before saying goodnight and accepting the business card of the shorter of the two men I had been chatting with. After several attempts I hit the send button and was rather amazed to have such a prompt reply.

And when they say they have someone you absolutely have to meet, you oblige, if for no reason other than to shut them up and get them off your back. As we parted he told me he’d love to get together sometime and asked me to email him. We sent a few more emails that evening and made plans for a phone call the next day.

How on earth could could he shop for someone he’d barely met? This time of a box of Christian Louboutins, hideously expensive designer shoes. Not wanting to be over or underdressed and because it was incredibly hot and humid outside I settled on a simple sleeveless dress — something that I thought would go with the shoes. He lifted the lid to reveal the same hideous pair of shoes I had seen photographed in the backseat of what I presumed was a Mercedes Benz.

The telltale box was closed and rested on what seemed to be a leather car seat. Not knowing what to do with the image I had just received I posed the same question to AJ , but a bit more gingerly. I must have let out an audible “wow” which I think he interpreted as “those are amazing” but really I was thinking “Try them on,” he said.“Right here?

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