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The parents continue to feed and take care of them while they practice flying and hunting, and it's quite the dangerous time!

So both adults keep a close eye out while the fledglings do their bumbling around.

So this is not the first batch of nestlings this female raised.

5/6/2017: Sometime in the morning, a fourth egg hatched!

This first flight is called 'fledging' and it is when a baby bird mostly leaves the nest for good.

Among American Kestrels, it is not uncommon for fledglings to return to the nest box, for roosting at night or for a quick rest.

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Slightly annoyed that I have to buy separate mount packs to mount the way I want. Quite usable for just the I paid for camera and handlebar mount.

It is hard to believe that the first 13 states which were settled by British pilgrims were initially ruled as a British colony, at least until taxes to the British Government became excessive, triggering the Boston Tea Party and the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

The national language is English, although it is spoken with a unique American accent.

Still in for complete camera and mounts for under 5.

Audio doesn't work on some types of video players.

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